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My name is B a r b a r a,

Skincare is my greatest passion. I strongly believe in nature and its healing power. As a teenager, I was already busy with creams, face masks and trays full of makeup.

Armed with a pair of scissors, a wicker basket and a book entitled Natural Beauty, I spent many hours into nature in search of ingredients to make my own rose water, herbal masks and hair tonics.  

At that time I didn’t have the knowledge that I have now. But it was the start of my journey in educating myself in skincare and formula’s. Not finding a facial oil on the market with all the nourishing a skin needs but without all the harmful ingredients has been my drive of creating my own facial oil.

The Green Goddess Skincare is a result of that.  Pure, Organic, Nourishing, Regenerating and giving your skin a natural glow.